Ultra High Recovery Flow Reversal Reverse Osmosis

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AdEdge – Rotec brings to the market an innovative desalination technology called Flow Reversal (FR-RO) designed to be implemented in existing and new desalination facilities for brackish water and other industrial applications, enabling significant system performance improvements, leading to higher profitability, reduced operating costs and environmental impact associated with desalination.

This unique solution is designed to inhibit and prevent mineral scaling, common phenomena in membrane-based desalination process. Mineral scaling leads to membrane plugging, which limits recovery rates, increases cleaning frequency, and reduces the membrane’s life span. The Flow Reversal RO solution allows plants to operate at higher recoveries without being exposed to the hazard of mineral scaling and its negative effect on system performances.

FR-RO substantially improves system performance compared to standard reverse osmosis desalination systems in several ways: increasing process recovery by 10% to 15%, dramatically reducing brine volumes required for disposal by up to 60%, and minimizing or eliminating anti-scalant chemical consumption.

New Systems and Applications

Supplying of a complete and fully equipped ultra-high recovery BWRO desalination systems/plants based on Flow Reversal design, which includes a complete solution (all the additional equipment required to allow operation at higher recoveries compared to standard system design) as an integral part of the desalination system. The supplied system will also include all the required pre-treatment and product treatment auxiliary systems.

Custom Retrofit of Existing Systems

Supplying of a customized retrofit package for existing RO desalination systems which includes all the required engineering services, necessary equipment and on-site construction to enable the incorporation of Flow Reversal technology in already existing operational desalination facilities for the purpose of improving their recovery, operational performance and profitability.

How It Works

Ultra-High Recovery Flow Reversal Reverse Osmosis

Flow reversal principle – switches connection of feed and concentrate before supersaturated solutions can precipitate from the concentrate onto the membrane Timing is determined by knowledge of feed composition and operating conditions. Scaling is prevented by the “juggler principle” – change condition to under-saturation before the supersaturated solution can precipitate.

Scaling prevention can be achieved even at high recoveries by applying the proprietary Flow Reversal (FR) technology.  This is implemented via design changes in standard RO desalination systems whether for new or existing installations. Flow Reversal is basically a smart process for operating desalination systems, in which the flow direction of the saline stream in RO pressure vessel arrays is periodically switched (figure 1). By periodically switching the flow direction, scale does not have time to form on membranes surfaces before being swept away by under-saturated feed solution conditions. The frequency of switching is dictated by the time it takes for a supersaturated solution in the concentrate to grow a population of scale particles that can allow continued scale growth (denoted the “Induction Time”). By using the effectively under-saturated feed to sweep away the beginning scale particles in the concentrate before they exceed a critical size, extensive precipitation is prevented. This approach affords operating at much higher recoveries than can be achieved with anti-scalants alone.

Features & Benefits of Ultra-High Recovery Flow Reversal

  • Robust: Ideal solution for new or retrofitting applications
  • Environmentally-friendly solution: High recovery, low-waste, near zero limit discharge
  • Up to 20% increase in water production
  • Up to 20% decrease in raw water (feed) consumption
  • Up to 60% decrease in brine (concentrate) volume
  • Minimizes or eliminates anti-scalant consumption
  • Minimizes biofouling and membrane replacement frequency
  • Minimal operational adjustments (~99% of flow reversal systems operate the same way as conventional RO systems)

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